Elements Music is home to the best contemporary Finnish music, as well as a magnificent catalogue of Finnish hits since the 1980’s. We are also proud to represent select international catalogues of pop songs and TV & film music in Finland.

If you have a request regarding one of our songs or are looking for a suitable option for your production, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will assist you through the process of licensing the rights, both for publishing and master.


We represent
the following catalogues:


  • Elements Music

    Elements Music is Finland’s leading independent music publisher. Founded in 2004, the company’s own catalog of 2000+ works represents a wide array of Finnish popular music of the past decade. Elements is also the owner of Gaga Goodies, Jee-Jee Music, and Poplandia.

  • Jee-Jee Music

    Jee-Jee is a publishing company founded in Tampere Finland in the late 1970’s by Epe Helenius, founder of Poko Records. Through the eighties, Jee-Jee was the leading publisher of the punk and rock scene. It’s catalog of more than 1000 works from the late 70’s until the early 90’s include works by Finnish mega-bands Eppu Normaali, Popeda and Yö.

  • Poplandia

    Jee-Jee Music’s sister company Poplandia has over 1500 original copyrights from the mid 1990’s until today.

  • Gaga Goodies

    Gaga Goodies is Jee-Jee Music’s sister company with a publishing catalog including works from artists such as 69 Eyes, Hybrid Children, Rattus, and Diablo.

  • Love Kustannus

    Love Kustannus was the publishing arm of the legendary Finnish label, Love Records, founded by Atte Blom, Otto Donner and Christian Schwindt in the 1960’s. Love Kustannus’ publishing catalogue includes works recorded by beloved Finnish artists, such as Pelle Miljoona, Leevi and the Leavings, Juice Leskinen and Hanoi Rocks (for the Nordics). Elements Music represents the catalogue exclusively for Finland.

  • Cloud 9

    Cloud 9 Music’s publishing department represents a wide range of composers, authors and catalogues. Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Fedde Le Grand, Dirtcaps, Daniel Gibson (Within Temptation), Fais, Dannic, Lost Frequencies, Frontliner and Sevn Alias are just some of the many names represented by Cloud 9 Music. Elements Music represents Cloud 9 for Finland and the Baltics.

  • Budde Music

    For 70 years the name Budde has represented the very best in independent music publishing. With a vibrant creative team and vitally, an efficient administration department, over the decades, Budde Music has established itself as one of the leading independent music publishers, first in Germany, and now globally. Elements Music represents Budde for the Finnish market.

  • MHW Musikverlag

    Musikverlag Hannes Weverka, and it’s affiliated Edition Modern, is a German/Swiss music publisher know for it’s film- and especially TV-music, as an important part of the repertoire is music from some 400 TV series, for example “Ein Fall für Zwei”, “Derrick”, “Der Alte”, “Lady Cop (Die Kommissarin)”, “Tatort”, “Popeye”, and “Around the World in 80 Days”, etc. As a result, the MHW Musikverlag repertoire is one of the widest for what concerns TV series music.